The Mexico Collection

Zapotec designs handcrafted by master artisans in the heart of Oaxaca.

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Accessories of Adventure

Every handmade bag in our collection is purposefully designed with your next step in mind. Symbols of globally inspired style and a generational commitment to craftsmanship, our handmade bags and accessories will be cherished for lifetimes to come. Begin new traditions with the cornerstones of your signature style, artisan made by AMASOUK. 

Thoughtfully Designed, Masterfully Crafted

We work with the most talented and celebrated artisans worldwide to breathe vibrant life into our practical designs. The result is a beautiful collection of modern, heirloom-quality handmade bags that support the livelihood of global communities, equip you for life’s far flung adventures and bring a sense of eclectic luxury to your wardrobe.