Postcard from Agadir

Postcard from Agadir

Warm greetings from Agadir!

Imagine we’re sharing a pot of green tea, taking in the sunkissed sapphire shores of Morocco’s gorgeous Atlantic coast. AMASOUK’s Social Media Manager and Artisan Liaison, Hasna, lives and works in Agadir and Jena and I were thrilled to be there to celebrate her wedding day. Even though our visit was short — less than 60 hours — we soaked up everything we could in this gem of a city.

Afternoon at the Beach

I started my whirlwind adventure at Agadir Beach, one of the most picturesque seascapes I’ve ever seen. I was enamored with the shimmering golden sand, cool water and lively local flavor. It’s such a special place because it’s more than a spot to bask in the sun. It’s buzzing with people from all walks of life in an incredible cross section of culture and leisure. 

After a lovely morning jog along the promenade, we spent the afternoon watching the world go by as families, tourists and surfers from all over came and went – all creating their own defining memories. We re-energized at a quiet beachfront cafe, sipping mint tea, playfully called “Berber whiskey” by Moroccans, before immersing ourselves in a little history by way of sightseeing.

Agadir Beach

Stepping Back in Time 

We ventured into the heart of the city: Agadir Medina. This stunning, reconstructed marvel is a symbol of Agadir’s rich heritage and legendary resilience. It was lovingly rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1960, and it stands today as a time capsule of culture. 

Wandering through its alleys felt like stepping into the past, each turn revealing small workshops where artisans crafted intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces, vibrant textiles, imaginative homegoods and exquisite handmade pottery. The air was kissed by spices and argan oil, capturing my senses and leading us through the labyrinth of local creativity. 

Agadir Medina

Climb to the Fortress

I couldn’t imagine coming to Agadir without trekking to the ancient fortress (“Kasbah”) high above the city. The climb to the top took us through rugged, winding paths before rewarding us with breathtaking panoramic views of the city with the backdrop of the Atlantic ocean. As the sun dipped below the horizon, a burst of color illuminated the sky painting the perfect spectacle to say goodnight.

Renting Caftans

The next morning, we set out to rent traditional caftans to wear to Hasna’s wedding. Caftans are usually richly colored and adorned with exquisite embroidery, and Hasna knew the perfect place to find them: a quaint boutique nestled on the outskirts of town. The shop owner was a vivacious woman with a keen eye for fashion and she graciously helped us choose designs that complemented our natural coloring: seafoam green for Jena and deep pink for me. 

A Traditional Moroccan Wedding

The evening of the wedding unfolded in the slow rhythm of Moroccan hospitality. Our early arrival was a humorous Western misstep that was met with the warmth and communal spirit of traditional Moroccan gatherings. 

Upon arrival, each woman walked the length of the room and greeted everyone with a traditional kiss on the cheek. The bride's grand entrance marked the beginning of the meal a culinary tour of bold Moroccan flavor, from succulent chicken tajine to a medley of fruits and sweets. Dinner gave way to music and dancing and the night culminated with the groom's arrival, when rings were exchanged to symbolize the beginning of a new journey together as one.

Closing Thoughts

From the sun-drenched beaches to the enchanting Medina, and the heights of the ancient Kasbah to the heartwarming intimacy of Hasna’s wedding, Agadir is a city of vibrant contrasts and enduring traditions. This postcard is my invitation to you to experience the transcendent magic for yourself. 

To wandering and wondering,



P.S. Join me in wishing this fun, witty, and elegant gal a very happy marriage!