Timeless pieces for storied living

AMASOUK heirlooms have a heartbeat. As symbols of authentic living, they’re handcrafted to bring color, beauty and soul to your wardrobe. Personally traveling, establishing relationships with global artisans and selling directly to you online allows us to pay artists fairly while offering high-quality, ethical bags at prices you won't find in traditional luxury boutiques.

Made for you

Most AMASOUK pieces are crafted one at a time, often hand-dyed, dipped, and stitched together by a single artisan. That’s why our beautiful accessories are available in limited quantities. Sometimes there’s no other like it in the whole world. When it calls to you, don’t hesitate to make it yours. It’s made for your journey.

Infused with Story

The pieces in our collection are as unique as the places where they’re made — and the hands that make them. Every accessory tells a story through design, construction and material. Traditional techniques meet timeless silhouettes to create something truly special. From intricate stitching to upcycled fabrics, your AMASOUK heirlooms are defined by their exquisite detail.

Celebrating extraordinary talent

Every year, we travel far and wide to meet with the world’s best artisans. It’s their long standing traditions and unmatched craftsmanship that bring our collection to life. We value their talents and our relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust. Supporting artists in their home communities is at the heart of our mission and each maker is fairly compensated for their impeccable work.