RESTOCKED: Round Leather Poufs

Handcrafted for home and humanity

We believe in personal spaces with a soul and a story. That’s why we partner with master Moroccan artisans to bring extraordinary, hand-crafted goods into your home. By personally traveling to Morocco and relying exclusively on local materials–such as leather, wool, and natural dyes–we establish sustainable relationships with local artisans. From there, we sell directly to you online–there’s no middleman. This is how we’re able to pay artisans a fair price, and offer you their high-quality, handmade goods at more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

Small Batches, Never Machine Made

You won’t find everything here–just a handful of precious creations. AMASOUK’s home goods are crafted one at time, often hand-dyed, dipped, and stitched together by a single artisan. Larger pieces, such as our gorgeous hand-crafted rugs, can take many days to finish. As a result, our handcrafted housewares are available in limited quantities–sometimes, just one item–to ensure that your purchase is as unique as the artist that created it.

Home Goods with a Story

Morocco is a unique nation with a history that blends east and west with indigenous culture. You’ll find these varied influences crafted into every item from AMASOUK. For example, the rounded edges on our poofs are evidence of traditional Arabic design, while the geometric shapes and straight lines on our rugs and throws originate in native Amazigh culture. The women and men who create these home goods are deeply devoted to their craft, displayed most evidently in the fine details of each piece. Take a closer look at your AMASOUK piece, and you’ll discover symbols for flowers, insects, tools, and more. What you may not know is that these symbols tell a richer story–connected to the relationship between women and men, changing norms in modern-day Morocco, and the spiritual history of this fascinating country.

Home Goods with a Story

The men and women we work with are devoted to their craft and that is displayed most evidently in the details of each. No two pieces are the same and each piece carries a story told by its creator. The delicate designs hidden in rugs, pillows, and embroidery represent flowers, insects, tools, and more. These symbols hold deeper meanings — the relationship between men and women, the changing society of modern-day Morocco, and religious history.

Supporting Current & Future Entrepreneurs

Several times each year, we trek into the Atlas mountains and surrounding region to meet with our local partners and forge new relationships with makers and creators. AMASOUK only works directly with native Moroccan artisans so that we can pay them a fair price for their time and dedication. Our goal? Help skilled entrepreneurs grow their businesses, support their families, and thrive as contributors to a time-honored tradition. And of course, offer you extraordinary pieces that add depth, beauty, and soul to your living space.